Valorant Prime 2.0 Skins

valorant prime 2.0

Prime 2.0  Collection

Collection price: 7,100

Release: March 2nd 2021

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The Valorant Prime 2.0 collection is the second set of prime skins to be released, featuring a new Karambit melee, a frenzy pistol, bucky, phantom and odin. Featuring the same regal styling as the prime 1.0 collection, the set features gold and white with black grips. The set was released along with the Formation Act 2 battle pass and costs 7,100, with the knife prices at 3,550 VP, and the guns going for 1,775 VP.

prime 2.0 karambit

Prime Knife

prime 2.0 bucky

Prime Bucky

prime 2.0 odin

Prime Odin

prime 2.0 frenzy

Prime Frenzy

prime 2.0 phantom

Prime Phantom

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