Valorant Prime Collection

Prime Collection

Collection price: 7,100

Release: Launch

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The prime collection is something of an enigma. A Valorant weapons skin set released at launch on June 2nd 2020, it leans heavily on gold plating much like the aristocrat collection, and has the honour of being the first collection to feature an axe for a melee weapon. With a neck and blade of solid gold, this axe is one of the most expensive weapons ever created, with the gold alone (at the current spot price of €1,560.93 per troy ounce) coming in at roughly $100,000. The purple and gold hint at royalty or ancient Rome, though the excessive use of gold may suggest an Aztec inspiration.

Valorant Prime melee Medium

Prime Melee

Valorant Prime spectre Medium

Prime Spectre

Valorant Prime Vandal Medium

Prime Vandal

Valorant Prime classic Medium

Prime Classic

Valorant Prime guardian Medium

Prime Guardain

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