Prime Classic Skin

valorant Prime classic skin hd

Prime Collection

Release: Launch

Skin Price: 1775 VP

Collection Price: 7100

prime classic orange Variant lvl5

Prime Classic Orange: lvl5

Prime classic Blue Variant lvl6

Prime Classic Blue: lvl6

Prime classic yellow Variant lvl7

Prime Classic Yellow: lvl7

The Prime Classic skin is part of the Valorant Prime weapons skin set and was released at launch on June 2nd 2020. It leans heavily on gold plating much like the aristocrat collection, with the purple and gold hinting at royalty or ancient Rome, though the excessive use of gold may suggest an Aztec inspiration. 

How to unlock the Prime Classic skin?

At the time of writing the only way to acquire the Prime Classic weapon is purchasing it in the store individually for 1,775 VP or with the rest of the Prime collection for 7,100 Valorant points. This collection purchase also grants you the Prime Melee axe, Spectre, Vandal  and Guardian.

How to unlock the Prime Classic variant skins?

The prime classic has three variants that can be unlocked with Radiante (RP) points at levels 5, 6 and 7. Each variant skin costs 15 RP, however you must unlock the previous three levels for 10 RP  each.

Valorant Dot Exe Ghost small

Prime Melee

Valorant Dot Exe judge small

Prime Classic

Valorant Dot Exe vandal small

Prime Spectre

Valorant Dot Exe odin small

Prime Guardian

Valorant Dot Exe odin small

Prime Vandal

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