Valorant Ruin Shorty

valorant sakura skins

Ruin Collection

Ignition Act 3

Lvl 20

Release: Oct 13th 2020

The Valorant Ruin Shorty skin is an unlockable reward (lvl 20) for the Ignition Act 3 battlepass, released on October 13th 2020. The full set contains the Ruin Knife, shorty, Guardian, Vandal and Marshal. Like the Jade set, the Ruin skins also have an oriental feel with black, gold and red styling. The skins can be unlocked through purchasing the Act 3 battlepass and unlocking levels 1, 20, 30, 45 and 50.

Valorant Elderflame Collection knife

Knife: lvl 50

sakura collection sheriff

Shorty: lvl 20

sakura collection stinger

Guardian: lvl 30

sakura collection stinger

Vandal: lvl 45

sakura collection vandal

Marshal: lvl 1

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