Rush Frenzy Skin

Valorant Rush Frenzy hd

Rush Collection

Cost: VP 875

Release: Launch

With tight, efficient packaging the Rush Frenzy skin is a great example of the Rush collection and can be bought for 875 VP. Featuring sports car styling and perhaps a nod to the movie Rush, the Frenzy is a clear nod to motor racing history, and along with the rest of the collection was released one June 2nd 2020. The full collection currently features the Ares, Bulldog, Frenzy, Judge and Phantom.

How Much Does Rush Frenzy skin cost?

The Rush collection is in rotation in the Valorant store (various Rush guns will appear every 24 hours) and the Rush Frenzy is currently available for purchase for 875 Valorant points.

Valorant Rush Frenzy Small

Rush Frenzy

Valorant Rush Judge Small

Rush Judge

Valorant Rush Bulldog Small

Rush Bulldog

Valorant Rush Judge Small

Rush Phantom

Valorant Rush Ares Small

Rush Ares

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