Galleria Phantom Skin

Valorant Galleria phantom hd

Galleria Collection

Cost: VP 875

Release: Launch

The Valorant Galleria Phantom is part of the Valorant Galleria skin collection that arrived at launch on June 2nd 2020. Its variants include the Bucky, Classic, Guardian, Marshall and Phantom. The Galleria collection is an artistic collection with warm autumnal pastel shades, but the Phantom breaks with this theme, featuring red heavily on the butt and handguard.

How Much is the Galleria Phantom skin?

The Galleria collection is currently in rotation in the Valorant store and the Galleria Phantom is available for purchase for 875 Valorant points.

Valorant Galleria Classic Small

Galleria Classic

Valorant Galleria Bucky Medium

Galleria Bucky

Valorant Galleria guardian Small

Galleria Guardian

Valorant Galleria phantom Small

Galleria Phantom

Valorant Galleria marshal Small

Galleria Marshal

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