Valorant Singularity Spectre

valorant singularity spectre

Singularity Collection

Spectre price:
2,175 VP

Release: Oct 13th 2020

valorant singularity ares
valorant singularity ares
valorant singularity ares

The Valorant Singularity Spectre was released on October 13th 2020 and has an angular black form with a purple barrel. The full singularity bundle contains a knife, Sheriff, Spectre, Phantom and Ares guns, all of which have a black hole them: firing an energy pulse and with a finisher sucking the enemy into oblivion through a black hole. The full set costs 8,700 VP, with the knife costing 4350VP and the guns going for 2,175 VP each.

Valorant Elderflame Collection knife


sakura collection sheriff


sakura collection ares


sakura collection stinger


sakura collection vandal


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