Valorant Sovereign Collection

Valorant Sovereign Collection HD

Sovereign Collection

Collection price: 7100

Release: June 2020

The Valorant Sovereign collection is an elegant, ethereal skin set with a regal white and gold design. It was released along with the 1.01 patch in June 2020. The skin set includes a knife that has an unlockable blue glowing VFX, and every gun has a variant that flips the white and gold design on its head, including an elflin-like gold variety as well as more sinister purple and silver options that can be unlocked with Radiante points.

All-in-all, an extensive selection of skin options, let down only by strange muzzle on the stinger. The collection includes the knife, Ghost, Stinger, Guardian, and Marshall. You can read more about the full set and VFX options and strange Stinger muzzle here, or go directly to the individual guns by clicking the images below.

Valorant Sovereign Collection knife medium

Sovereign Knife: VP 3550

Valorant Sovereign Collection stinger Variants

Sovereign Stinger: VP 1775

Valorant Sovereign Collection marshal Variants

Sovereign Marshal: VP 1775

Valorant Sovereign Collection Ghost Variants

Sovereign Ghost: VP 1775

Valorant Sovereign Collection Guardian Variants

Sovereign Guardian: VP 1775

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