Valorant Sovereign Stinger

Valorant Sovereign stinger HD

Sovereign Collection

Price: 1775 VP

Release: June 2020

Valorant Sovereign Stinger Gold Variant

Sovereign Stinger Orange:: lvl5

Valorant Sovereign Stinger Silver Variant

Sovereign Stinger Silver: lvl6

Valorant Sovereign Stinger Purple Variant

Sovereign Stinger Purple: lvl7

The Valorant Sovereign Stinger has an ethereal feel to it with a white, bronze and gold design. Along with the Sovereign knife, Ghost, Guardian and Marshal it was released in June 2020. The gun comes with three interesting variants that are unlockable with Radiante points. You can read more in the collection review or go to other skins in the collection by clicking the images below.

How much is the Sovereign Stinger Skin and how do I Get it?

The Sovereign Stinger skin is available to purchase in the Valorant store, either individually for 1775 VP or as a full set for 7100VP.

Valorant Sovereign Knife Small

Sovereign Knife

Valorant Sovereign ghost Small

Sovereign Ghost

Valorant Sovereign Stinger Small

Sovereign Stinger

Valorant Sovereign Guardian Small

Sovereign Guardian

Valorant Sovereign Marshal Small

Sovereign Marshal

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