Valorant Cryostasis Collection


Cryostasis Collection

Collection Price:
7,100 VP

Release: Dec 14th 2022

 The new Valorant Cryostasis Collection is a new set released on Dec 14th 2020. The set features a melee hammer, Classic pistol, Bulldog, Vandal and Operator. With a distinctive winter theme, each weapon skins comes with a white and black variant (although the white variant is better described as the base green/black metal weapon with ice and frost covering it. The set will cost 7,100 VP, guns cost 1,775 VP and melee will be 3,550 VP.

Valorant Xenohunter knife

Melee 3,550 VP

Valorant Neptune spectre

Bulldog 1,775 VP

Valorant Neptune guardian

Guardian 1,775 VP

Valorant Neptune shorty

Classic 1,775 VP

Valorant Neptune spectre

Vandal 1,775 VP

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