Doodle Buds Collection

valorant doodle buds bundle

Doodle Buds Bundle

Collection price:
6,992 VP

Release: April 13th 2022

The new Valorant Doodle Buds Collection was released on April 13th 2022, and features a Shorty, Stinger, Marshal, Phantom and Ares. The full bundle comes 5 gun skins, 3 player cards and 3 sprays and will cost 6,992 VP. The skins can be purchased individually for 1,775 VP.

Each weapon skin comes with three variants and unique effects with the default look of the gun initially starting off as a black and white cartoon layer. Colour is then added to the selected Variant with more colour for each kill. The three artworks to choose from are Valorant art, tactifirends and League of Legends. 

valorant doodle buds shorty


valorant doodle buds phantom


valorant doodle buds marshal


valorant doodle buds stinger


valorant doodle buds marshal


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