Valorant Elderflame Knife

Valorant Elderflame knife

Elderflame Collection

Knife price:
4,950 VP

Release: July 10th 2020

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The Valorant Elderflame knife is the showpiece of the elderflame collection, and at the time of release is the most expensive skin available at 4950 VP. The design and features are elaborate with unique VFX and animations. See the full bundle review here

How to unlock the Elderflame Knife?

The Elderflame Knife can only be unlocked through purchase in the Valorant store, for 4,950 VP. The skin can also be purchased as part of the full set, which makes sense if you are buying more than one skin from this collection. The individual VFX, animations and variants are unlockable through Radiante points (earnable and purchasable).

elderflame knife

Elderflame Knife

elderflame frenzy

Elderflame Frenzy

elderflame judge

Elderflame Judge

elderflame vandal

Elderflame Vandal

elderflame operator

Elderflame Operator

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