• New Valorant Act 2 episode 3 Skins to be released on April 27th
  • New sets include Songsteel, Lightwave and Depth collections
  • New Forsaken skins coming to the shop: 7,100 VP

With the new battlepass (Act 2, episode 3) about to come out on April 27th we’ve got leaks of the three new battlepass skins about to be released. They are the songsteel collection (featuring a knife, classic, guardian and marshal), the Lightwave collection (featuring a grenzy pistol, phantom, Odin and bucky), and the depth collection (feturing a stinger, vandal, ghost and bulldog).

Valorant Forsaken skins

There’s also the new Forsaken collection that is now featured as the newest collection in the store, featuring a knife (3550), Vandal, classic, operator and sepctre (each 1,775 VP). The full set costs 7,100 VP.

valorant forsaken skins

Valorant Songsteel skins

valorant Songsteel skins

Valorant Lightwave skins

valorant lightwave skins

Valorant Depth skins

valorant depth skins