• New Valorant Episode 3 Act 3 Battle pass arrives on Nov 2nd
• Includes Genesis, Aero and Goldwing – unlockable skins

The new Valorant Episode 3 Act 3 Battle Pass is set for release on November 3rd and with it comes three new unlockable skin sets as well as the release of the new agent: Chamber. The new skins featured are the Aero, Genesis and Goldwing skins.

Valorant Goldwing Set

The new Valorant Goldwing set features a classic, ghost, judge and ares. The skins are primarily gold and black in the main body of the gun with flashes of red on metal switches, triggers, safety, mag-release and some guards. The set features some of the more realistic gun styling from the design-team, with ergonomic rubberised grips, black treated metal and gold styling – a first class BBQ gun.

Goldwing Classic

valorant chamber agent

Goldwing Ghost

nunca olvidados frenzy skin

Goldwing Judge

nunca olvidados bulldog skin

Goldwing Ares

nunca olvidados vandal skin

Valorant Aero Set

The new Valorant Aero set features a Frenzy, Spectre, Guardian and Phantom. The skins are also high on the realism scale with clean, metallic weapons in two tones: red/purple/pink/yellow and white, with black grips. 

Aero Frenzy

valorant chamber agent

Aero Spectre

valorant chamber agent

Aero Guardian

valorant chamber agent

Aero Phantom

valorant chamber agent

Valorant Genesis Set

The new Valorant Genesis set features a Melee, Shorty, Bucky, Bulldog and Operator. The are the most exotic/alien looking skins, with the guns themselves made of a gold or gold-alloy, and a strange alien script embossed on the weapons. The weapons also feature a strange power source that glows purple and flows streaks across the body. Featuring the top reward for the battle pass in the melee weapon, and the Operator, this will likely be the most sought after set.

Genesis Melee

valorant chamber agent

Genesis Shorty

valorant chamber agent

Genesis Bucky

valorant chamber agent

Genesis Bulldog

valorant chamber agent

Genesis Operator

valorant chamber agent