On the brink of Act 2 the leaks are coming thick and fast and we’re in for an exciting few days with Act 2 tomorrow (4th Aug), deathmatch the day after (Aug 5th) and a huge bunch of new battlepass skins and the Glitchpop collection on the way.

The Glitchpop collection is a brightly themed cyberpunk inspired set of skins that will be available with the Act 2 release and will cost 8700 VP to purchase. The set comes with a Melee, Frenzy pistol, Judge, Bulldog and Odin and variants for each of weapon.

The set also comes with an unlockable finisher and reticle, as well as a number of VFX for the individual guns. 

We’ve collected together some of the best images released so far, and you can view the official Valorant video preview here. We’ll be releasing our usual custom HD images as soon at the skins are officially released.

glitchpop reticle

Glitchpop reticle

valorant elderflame animation

Glitchpop Finisher

Glitchpop Melee: 4,350 VP

oni finisher

Glitchpop Frenzy: 2,175 VP

elderflame bundle - melee

Glitchpop Judge 2,175 VP 

elderflame bundle - frenzy

Glitchpop Bulldog: 2,175 VP

Prism Collection Spectre

Glitchpop Odin: 2,175 VP

Prism Collection Phantom