• Below we cover some of the main issues and bugs players are dealing with after the launch
  • Section one deals with issues Valorant know about and are resolving
  • Section two deals with as yet unresolved issues and some possible fixes

Even with a successful beta behind it, Valorant is still likely to see some teething issues, and with that in mind we’re putting together all the new reported bugs together in one place to offer a helping hand.

Valorant is already aware of many of these, and for the most part their response has been, “we know about it, we’re fixing it, please try again later”. We’ll list these first to help ease your mind if you are having the same problem. We’re also going to list other reported issues that Valorant haven’t responded to yet,  (but we’re limiting this to multiple reports of the same issues to make sure these are game based problems and to avoid an endless list).

known Valorant bugs and issues at launch

Missing Valorant points from the beta:

Valorant is aware of this issue and ask you to contact Riot support for assistance. The following link will take you directly to the Valorant support page where you can either click through the options or contact them directly: Valorant Support.

Not recieving battlepass rewards:

Again, this is something Valorant are in the process of fixing, and you should receive the rewards retroactively (i.e. you don’t need to do anything). However, if another 48 hours pass and this hasn’t been resolved, again, you should contact Riot support directly: Valorant Support.

General problems with missions, contracts, battle passes etc… 

If you took part in the beta you might recognise some of these problems: missions resetting, XP and rewards not being rewarded. Happily, Valorant seem to be aware of how to resolve this, so just sit back and wait for it to sort itself out.

Unable to purchase Battlepass or Valorant points

This is also a known issue and Valorant say they are working on it. But I wouldn’t worry about having to wait too long for this to be fixed, after all, this is profit.

“UNexpected provisioning error” when starting a match

Obviously, this doesn’t help you out right now (there’s no fix of I’m aware of that you can do yourself now), but Valorant are aware of this problem and fingers crossed it should’t be too long!

New Valorant bugs reported by players

The following are bugs that Valorant haven’t necessarily acknowledged yet, though they have been reported. It may be worth reporting your issue if you think it might be unusual or hasn’t been given attnetion yet, but we will update you if any solutions come up. 

Game gets stuck on loading screens

Not entirely clear what’s causing this but some players are reporting that the game just stops on the loading screen of matches or the shooting range. The cause of this problem is unknown but it appears to be affecting players in multiple regions, including on high-spec machines.

“Connection error” that requires restart

There seems to be a bug that states there is a connection error. There have been mixed results here, with some players believing that uninstalling/reinstalling vanguard, then restarting your PC will fix this, though others have gone as far as unistalling the entire game without any joy. 

Lower part of HUD not appearing

This is another problem that some players have been reporting since the beta, where the bottom part of the HUD doesn’t appear. It seems that this happens randomly for some players in about 10-20% of games, and although restarting the game offers a fix, this is obviously rather annoying. 

That’s all we have for you right now, but we’ll keep our eyes on things and let you know as soon as we hear about new issues, or fixes for these problems.