If you’ve not taken advantage of it yet, the Valorant Night Market ends in 9 days, so grab your chance to get some discounted skins. If you missed it the first time or are new to it, the Night market works like this:

– 6 skins are randomly selected for your night market
– Skins are discounted by up to 50%
– The market is currently set to end on Aug 10th
– The skins you get are set
– You won’t get multiples of the same weapon
– Two Premium skins should be available

A quick recap for how it works, click the card at the top of the screen.

Night Market Button

You’ll then see a screen like this, and under each card is a mostly randomly selected skin (within the paramaters set above).

Night Market Offers

You will then be able to see the discount for each skin and with any luck you’ll see one you really want! Good luck!

night market 50% off