• New Valorant Oni skins collection released
  • Price: 7,100 VP
  • Each weapon comes with 3 variants (excluding knife)
  • Avalaible in the Valorant Store for 12 days
  • Pricing: Melee 3,550 VP; all other weapons 1,775 VP each
  • HD images link

The new Oni collection has a Japanese theme with Samurai style plating featured over the weapons and a melee skin based on the Oni, a troll found in Japanese folklore. The set comes in at 7,100 VP, and each of the weapons comes with three variants. The set also comes with a gun buddy, player card, and spray.

valorant elderflame animation


valorant elderflame animation

Player Card

valorant elderflame animation

Gun Buddy

The set also comes with a finisher, seen below, as well as a number of VFX for the individual guns. 

oni finisher
valorant elderflame animation

Shorty VFX

valorant elderflame animation

Guardian VFX

Oni Melee: 3,550 VP

elderflame bundle - melee

The Oni melee is a double bladed weapon in the form of a mask based on the Oni troll.

The melee mask also comes with its own unique unlockable VFX.

valorant elderflame animation

Melee VFX

Oni SHORTy: 1,775 VP 

elderflame bundle - frenzy
elderflame frenzy red variant
elderflame frenzy blue variant
elderflame frenzy dark variant

Oni Bucky: 1,775 VP

Prism Collection Spectre
elderflame judge red variant
elderflame judge blue variant
elderflame judge dark variant

Oni Guardian: 1,775 VP

Prism Collection Phantom
elderflame vandal red variant
elderflame vandal blue variant
elderflame vandal dark variant

Oni Phantom: 1,775 VP

elderflame colection - operator
elderflame operator red variant
elderflame operator blue variant
elderflame operator dark variant