• Prism collection (first seen in the beta) re-released on June 24th 2020.
  • Available skins include melee, Ghost, Spectre, Phantom and Operator.
  • The full collection costs 5100 VP, but individual skins can be purchased separately.
  • This collection does not include variants, cards or other items.
  • Check out our custom HD images on the Prism collection page.

    The Valorant Prism collection has been re-released and can currently be purchased from the Valorant store as a full collection for 5100 VP. The full collection features the Prism Knife, Ghost, Stinger, Phantom and Operator. Unlike the Sovereign collection, the Prism does not currently come with any variants, cards or other items, but makes up for this with its delicate blue/purple styling that has some styling in common with the case hardened weapons in Counterstrike. Most will likely see the highlight of this collection as the Prism knife which has a subtlety lacking in most of the other melee weapon and may remind some of the highly sought-after blue karambit from CS.

    Prism Melee

    The Prism Melee costs 2,550 VP which many might see as a bargain considering the Sovereign knife was 3,550 VP on its own. As noted above, the Prism Knife bears some resemblance to the knives of CSGO, in particular the very rare blue varieties of those skins. For this reason, I think this knife will be very popular amongst players who have migrated across from counterstrike, and with the more reasonable price I expect to see many players running around with this knife in the coming days.

    Prism Collection Knife

    Prism Ghost

    Next up is the Prism Ghost, which goes for 1,275 VP. I really like this skin. The price is on the more reasonable side and again, this somewhat resembles the the case hardened gradients of the counterstike pistols, but with a bit of added subtlety. 

    Prism Collection Ghost

    Prism Spectre

    The prism Spectre costs 1,275. It’s a smart gun in a tight package and the spectre comes out particularly well in prism styling.

    Prism Collection Spectre

    Prism Phantom

    The phantom variety of the prism collection also goes for 1,275. The black grips nicely offset the purple that would otherwise be overbearing on a weapon of this size. Also, a very nice weapon that will likely be very popular given its more subtle styling.

    Prism Collection Phantom

    Prism Operator

    Prism Collection Operator

    The collection is rounded off by the Prism Operator which again goes for 1,275 VP. Matching the styling of the rest of the collection, the subtle disign will likely prove popular (and it has a normal muzzle break, thank God – yes, i’m still annoyed by the weird muzzle brakes…)!

    If you can’t already tell, I really like this collection. There was some pushback on the price during the beta in part because the collection doesn’t come with any variants or other items, but if you like the base skin enough then who cares? I skipped the Sovereign collection myself, but I’m getting this one. As alwyays, this comes down to personal preference so go with what you enjoy!