Valorant Prism Skin Collection

valorant prism skin collection

Prism Collection

Collection price: 5100

Release: June 24th 2020 (+ Beta)

The Valorant Prism collection was originally a beta skin but has been re-released on June 24th 2020 after the game’s official launch. The prism skins are one of the more subtly styled skin collections with a clean blue/purple tinted design on metal. The collection does not currently come with any unlockable variants (which caused some frustration amongst players during the beta) however, the new reduced price and popular gun selection (knife, ghost, phantom and operator) will likely make this one of the more popular skin collections.

How to unlock the Prism Collection?

Currently, the only way to unlock the Valorant Prism collection is to purchase it in the shop. The whole collection can be purchased for 5100 VP, or each skin can be purchased individually. You can find the prices below and each image links to the individual weapon page and HD images.

Valorant Prism Collection knife

Prism Knife: VP 2550

Valorant Prism Collection spectre

Prism Stinger: VP 1275

Valorant Prism Collection operator

Prism Operator: VP 1275

Valorant Prism Collection ghost

Prism Ghost: VP 1275

Valorant Prism Collection phantom

Prism Phantom: VP 1275

valorant prism collection - ares

Prism Ares: VP 1275

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