• Valorant to change oddly named “Valorant rank”.
  • New name to be release with official launch on June 2nd.

Well, nobody saw this coming. The Valorant dev team have come to the conclusion that naming the top rank after the game might be a little confusing and are going to be renaming it with the game’s official release on June 2nd. Confusing how, you ask? Well let’s review a conversation.

“Yo man, You should check out Valorant. It’s awesome”

“I am! What rank are you?”


“Yeh, what rank?”


“Yeh, Valorant, the game. I thought you said you were playing?”

“I am!”

“Well, then what rank are you?”


“Dude, stop smoking crack…”

Senior designer Sean Szopinski explained the decision: “when we were brainstorming these names, Valorant seemed like a really awesome choice for the top rank. What could be cooler than climbing the ranks, aspiring to become an elite and heroic Valorant, the personification of the game itself! You guys are right though, it’s a bit confusing. We get it. I get it. We’ll change it for launch.”

In addition to the recent surge in friends thinking Valorant players have debilitating drug addictions this also brings about another headache: what will they call it? The good news is there won’t be long to wait as the new top rank (and perhaps more changes) are slated for release along with the game on June 2nd.

Personally, I favour renaming the top rank “In CS”,  “I uninstalled”, or any of the weapon or map names. Or even better, call it higher than you.

“Yo man, what rank are you?’

“Higher than you.”

“Yeh, yeh. But what rank.”

“Higher than you.”

“Oh, go **** ********** ** ****** *** ***** *** **** **** *******.

(Editors note: yeh, we didn’t find it funny either, but we didn’t want to upset him. Our apologies. We will try to keep this sort of thing to a minumum.)