Valorant Ranking System Changes

Valorant devs have recently announced changes coming to the compititive ranking system and new features that will be included in the upcoming Act III and Episode 2.

Changes In Raking System

  • Queue rank range reduced from 6 to 3
  • Immortal 1+ movement is impacted purely by wins or losses
  • Ability to select preferred server
  • Public region based leader board
  • Potential restriction of Immortal+ queue size reduced
    to solo, duo.

Your Server Choice

You will now have the option to select your preferred servers to play on. This will not guarantee your picked servers but will increase your chances.

Valorant Server Choice

Regional Leaderboards

Soon you will be able to see where you rank in your particular region. 

Valorant Leaderboards

Queue Tiers Reduced

You will now queue against 3 adjacent tiers rather than 6. This may stop you from playing with friends.

Valorant Rank Tiers
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