Valorant Ruination Sword

ruination sword

Ruination Collection

Skin price:
4,350 VP

July 8th 2021

ruination sword red variant
ruination sword purple variant
ruination sword green variant

The Valorant Ruination sword is part of the Ruination collection, a new skin set with a League of Legends theme. The set includes a sword, Ghost, Spectre, Guardian and Phantom and was released on July 8th 2021. The full set can be purchased for 8,700 VP, or individual with the sword costing 4,350 VP and each of the guns 2,175 each.

ruination melee

Sword: 4,350 VP

ruination ghost skin

Ghost: 2,175 VP

ruination spectre skin

Spectre: 2,175 VP

ruination guardian price

Guardian: 2,175 VP

ruination phantom skin

Phantom: 2,175 VP

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