Update: The Night market is back for December 2021: running from Dec 8th to Dec 21st 2021.

If you’ve been holding off buying skins because of the price, now is your chance: the Valorant “Night Market” is back again, running from Sept 29th and until October 12th 2021 at 5pm PT. The night market gives you a potentially massive discount on a random selection of skins. How much you get off is also randomly determined but it will be between 10-50% off!

– Up to 50% of random skins
– Skins are randomly selected

The night market be around for about two weeks or so, so get in and take a look – you might find something you like!

How does the Valorant night market work?

– 6 skins are randomly selected for your night market
– Skins are discounted by up to 50%
– The market is currently set to end on Aug 10th
– The skins you get are set
– You won’t get multiples of the same weapon
– Two Premium skins should be available

To access this market you simply click the new button that has been placed next to the store button (as shown in the picture below).

Night Market Button

This will take you to a school screen with 6 hidden skins. Click on them to open up each one and discover what’s inside! Good luck!

Night Market Offers
Night Market Offers