Gaia’s Vengeance Collection

valorant tigris collection

Gaia’s Vengeance Bundle

Collection price:
7,100 VP

Release: March 1st 2022

The new Valorant Gaia’s Vengeance collection features an axe melee, Ghost, Guardian, Vandal and Marshal. These skins have an earthy, organic feel to them, with what appear to be branches growing out and through the guns in smooth, flowing twists and turns.  The melee costs 3550 VP, with each of the guns going to 1,775 VP.

snowfall melee globe

Melee: 3550 VP

protocol spectre skin

Guardian: 1775 VP

radiant crisis 001 phantom

Marshal: 1775 VP

protocol sheriff skin

Ghost: 1775 VP

radiant crisis 001 spectre

Vandal: 1775 VP

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