Valorant Artisan Phantom

valorant artisan phantom HD

Artisan Collection

Battle Pass: Episode 3 Act 2

Release: Sept 8th 2021

valorant artisan sword HD
valorant artisan sword HD
valorant artisan sword HD

The valorant Phantom is part of the new Artisan collection for the Episode 3 Act 2 Battle Pass, and was released on Sept 8th 2021. The set features a melee sword, ghost pistol, bucky, phantom and marshal. The guns are not purchasable and must be unlocked through buying the battle pass and earning XP to unlock the skins at the various levels. The Artisan collection is a combination of porcelain and gold with intricate blue detail of an asian background.

artisan melee


artisan ghost


artisan bucky


artisan phantom


artisan marshal


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