Valorant Endeavour Collection

valorant endeavour collection

Valorant Endeavour Bundle

Collection price:
2,930 VP

Release: March 30th 2022

The new Valorant Endeavour collection features the Ghost, Bulldog, Vandal, Operator and Ares. The set costs 2,930 VP, with each individual gun skin costing 875 VP each. The set has no variants.

Released on March 30th 2020, the set has a distinctive space theme, expressed through the modern look of the weapons, featuring the gold, whites, blacks and blues one expects to see on NASA missions. The weapons are elegant and functional and considering the inclusion of many of the most used weapons in the game – especially the Vandal and Operator – if this set comes out at the expected price it will be a ridiculous value.

snowfall melee globe

Ghost: 875

protocol spectre skin

Vandal: 875

radiant crisis 001 phantom

Ares: 875

protocol sheriff skin

Bulldog: 875

radiant crisis 001 spectre

Operator: 875

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