Valorant Protocol Spectre

valorant protocol spectre

Protocol Collection

Skin price:
2,475 VP

Release: Wed 11th 2022

valorant protocol melee
valorant protocol melee
valorant protocol melee

The valorant protocol spectre is part of the protocol bundle was released on Wed 11th January 2022 as the first new set of the year. A slick and sharply designed collection, each weapon features three variants in addition to the base skin, with the knife melee costing 4,950 VP and the individual gun skins going for 2,475 VP. The skins overall have a modern but realistic feel, with a metal structure and red and gold elements to stylise the gun. The bundle costs 9,900 VP. 

snowfall melee globe


protocol sheriff skin


protocol spectre skin


radiant crisis 001 spectre


radiant crisis 001 phantom


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