Valorant RGX 11Z Pro 2

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valorant go volume 2 collection

RGX 11Z Pro Collection

Collection price:
8,700 VP

Release: April 27th 2022

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The Valorant RGX 11Z Pro 2 is the second bundle from the RGX 11z Pro skin collection. This second release came on April 27th 2022 and contains a knife melee weapon, Classic pistol, Spectre, Phantom and Operator. Each skin comes with three variants in red, blue and yellow, and also have LEDs which change into four colours. The skins have a modern design of bare metal and green tones.

The full set will cost 8,700 VP, with the knife melee costing 4,350 VP and each individual gun skin costing 2,175 VP.

valorant go! vol 2 melee


valorant go! vol 2 vandal


valorant go! vol 2 ares


valorant go! vol 2 classic


valorant go! vol 2 operator


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