Valorant Snowfall Classic

Valorant Snowfall Classic

Snowfall Collection

Skin price:
1,275 VP

Release: Mon 13th 2021

The new Valorant Snowfall Classic is part of the Snowfall Collection and will be released on Dec 13th 2021. The set features a melee, Classic pistol, Judge shotgun, Phantom rifle and Ares. The skins have a snow-globe style effect, with each skin featuring a snowy Christmas scene with Christmas trees, snow-laden houses and presents. Prices will be updated as they become available. The guns will cost 1,275 VP and the melee 2,550 VP.

snowfall melee globe


radiant crisis 001 classic skin


radiant crisis 001 Bucky


radiant crisis 001 phantom


radiant crisis 001 spectre


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