Valorant Spectrum Phantom

valorant spectrum phantom

Spectrum Collection

Skin price:
2675 VP

Release: Sept 8th 2021

spectrum phantom purple variant
spectrum phantom red variant
spectrum phantom black variant

The valorant spectrum phantom is part of the spectrum bundle and was released on Sept 8th 2021 for 2,675 VP. The skin comes with three variants in black, red and purple. The full set costs 10,700 VP and includes the melee weapon, classic pistol, bulldog, guardian and phantom rifles. The individual skins cost 2,675 VP with the unique melee weapon costing 5,350 VP. 

Valorant Elderflame Collection knife

Melee: 5,350 VP

sakura collection sheriff

Classic: 2675 VP

sakura collection stinger

Bulldog: 2675 VP

sakura collection ares

Guardian: 2675 VP

sakura collection vandal

Phantom: 2675 VP

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