Valorant Titanmail Bucky

valorant titanmail Bucky

Titanmail Collection

Collection price:
1,275 VP

Release: May 11th 2022

The Valorant Titanmail Bucky is part of the Titanmail Collection, a five skin bundle released on 11th May 2022. The full bundle includes a mace melee weapon, Frenzy pistol, Bucky, Vandal and Ares. The skins have a medieval theme, seen in the mace melee weapon as well as classic plain metal, armor style gun coatings. 

The full Titanmail skin set costs 5,100 VP, with the mace costing 2,550 VP on its own and the individual guns 1,275 VP.

valorant go! vol 2 melee


valorant go! vol 2 classic


valorant go! vol 2 operator


valorant go! vol 2 vandal


valorant go! vol 2 ares


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