Valorant Winterwunderland Ghost

valorant reaver

Winterwunderland Collection

Collection price:
1,275 VP

Dec 9th 2020

Christmas skins article

The first Christmas skins are here with the Winterwunderland collection and the pistol of this set is the ghost. Released on Dec 9th, the the gun features a kind of snowglobe effect on which changes the gun image of a village winter scene from day to night depending on whether the gun is in light or shadow. The guns cost 1275 VP each while the melee is 2550 VP. 

Valorant Winterwunderland Collection Ghost HD
valorant wasteland sheriff

Candycane Melee: 2550 VP

valorant wasteland shorty

Ghost: 1275 VP

valorant wasteland spectre

Phantom: 1275 VP

valorant wasteland vandal skin

Vandal: 1275 VP

valorant wasteland marshal

Marshal: 1275 VP

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