• Closed beta is over, but the game officially releases on June 2nd
  • Skins will not carry over, but your money will be returned with a 20% bonus!
  • Achievements stay but rank will be reset.

Girlfriends are no longer being ignored, pron sights are seeing a surge in traffic and skin sees sunlight once again as the Valorant closed Beta ends, but how long do we have to wait to get back on those juicy servers 128-tick servers? The game is down for preparation for the official launch on June 2nd, with the beta shutting down at 9am PT on May 28. But will you keep your skins, rewards and rank? The following may be subject to change, but as of now this is the latest info we’ve got.

Will I get to keep my purchased skins?

Short answer: no, but you will be refunded the costs with a 20% bonus thrown in! Nice work, Valorant, rewarding everyone who helped with the beta.

Will I keep my beta rank and rewards?

You will keep your rewards, but as with most beta’s you will get a rank reset — which, let’s face it, makes sense. We’re going to see some changes, but more importantly the player base for the beta was tiny compared to what we will be seeing in a few days time and that will heavily distort old ranks. While this may be a little sad for those who worked hard to rank up, just think of this as a new ranking system.

Onwards and upwards!