WePlay Valorant Invitational paused as Cheating Accusations Fly

Chaos and confusion emerged as the WePlay Valorant invitational was paused due to cheating accusations: the tournament was placed on hold and a team temporarily removed from the bracket after accusations were made against a previously knocked out team.

While the team accused of cheating is not currently known to us, Nolpenki – a Lithuanian Valorant squad, were temporarily removed. It has been confirmed no accusations were made against the Lithuanians, but it is believed that other teams may have been unfairly knocked out due to cheating, meaning that earlier games may have to be replayed. This seems understandable given that the teams are fighting over a significant $50,000 prize pool, but we don’t have official confirmation of anything yet.

Update: we don’t currently have any information about whether anyone was found to have been cheating, but it appears the Valorant anti-cheat system picked up an anomaly and the tournament was paused for an investigation. The games have no gone ahead.

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