•  New Spline bundle leaked
  • Bundle cost estimated to be 7100 VP
  • Guns come with three variants each, with each gun believed to cost 1775 VP each withe the knife costing 3550 VP
  • UPDATE: due to apparent issues with the patch in certain regions the store update has been extended – store currently showing a three hour countdown …
  • UPDATE 2: the store now appears to be updated for all regions. We will get our usual HD-images of the weapons up tomorrow

The new skin bundle from Valorant is called the Spline collection and includes a knife, Classic Pistol, Spectre SMG and Phantom and Operator rifles. Each of the guns comes with three unlockable variants. The whole set should cost 7100 VP, with each of the gun skins costing 1775 VP and the knife coming in at 3550 VP. As we get more info we will update prices and bundle info. 

It’s an interesting and unique looking set with some uniquely weird looking weapons and variants. We imagine they’ll be some decent VFX to go along with these but we will have to update you as we learn more!

Spline Knife

spline knife

Spline Classic + Variants

spline classic

Spline Spectre + Variants

spline spectre

Spline Phantom + Variants

spline phantom
valorant nebula phantom
valorant nebula ares
valorant nebula ares

Spline Operator + Variants

valorant nebula ares
valorant nebula ares
valorant nebula ares
valorant nebula ares