– Champions 2022 released – features Karambit and Phantom
– Available Aug 31st to Sept 18th
– 50% goes to participating teams…

We’ve got the previews of the 2022 Champions skins and we now know the Champions bundle will feature a Butterfly-knife and a phantom! These are the special release skins for the major end of year Valorant tournaments. Remember, these are only available for this special event and will not return to the store for ‘run it back’ etc. These will be available during the final tournament of the 2022 Valorant season (from August 31st to September 18th). :As usual, the skins seek to take it up a notch in styling and features, with both the knife and Phantom boasting gold, black and red, in addition to the other effects. eg. The skins feature their own unique custom model sounds, also boasting a new visual effect where the effect on the gun will evolve every five kills (up to 25). There’s also a special easter-egg effect on the knife when the owner is top-fragging and has over 25 kills. It’s also worth noting that 50% of “net proceeds” from the Champions 2022 collection will go to the teams competing in the event. 

Champions 2022 Butterfly

Valorant xenohunter frenzy

Champions 2022 Phantom

Valorant xenohunter melee