Radiant Entertainment System Operator

radiant entertainment system operator

Radiant Entertainment System

Collection Price:
2,975 VP

Release: Apr 25th 2023

radiant entertainment system ghost
radiant entertainment system ghost

The new Valorant Radiant Entertainment System Phantom is a new skin released on April 25th 2023. The set features a melee, Ghost, Bulldog, Phantom and operator. With three distinct variants, this is a big bundle. The variants are the Bazooka Badger, Dance Fever and Knockout. The full collection costs 11,900 VP, with the melee at 5,950 VP and the guns at 2,975 VP each. 

Valorant Neptune shorty


Valorant Xenohunter knife


valorant araxys operator


Valorant Neptune spectre


Valorant Neptune guardian


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