Valorant Araxys Melee

valorant araxys melee

Araxys Collection

Skin Price:
4,350 VP

Release: Jan 13th 2023

The new Valorant Araxys melee skin is part of the Araxys Collection, a new set released on Jan 13th 2023. The set features a melee, Shorty, Bulldog, Vandal and Operator.  The set has a alien or sci-fi feel to it, and are the weapons of an unknown alien race. With a golden metal body and a green glowing inner core, these guns have an interesting and exotic feel to them. The set will cost 8,700 VP, guns cost 2,175 VP and melee will be 4,350 VP.

Valorant Xenohunter knife

Melee 4,350 VP

Valorant Neptune shorty

Classic 2,175 VP

Valorant Neptune spectre

Bulldog 2,175 VP

valorant araxys operator

Vandal 2,175 VP

Valorant Neptune guardian

Operator 2,175 VP

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