Sakura Skins Collection

valorant sakura skins

Sakura Collection

Collection price:
4,270 VP

Release: July 22nd 2020

The sakura skins collection was released on the 22nd of July 2020 and features the sakura classic, sheriff, Stinger, Vandal and Ares. Set in white with a Japanese theme, the iconic Japanese sunset and cherry blossom feature in each of the weapons. The skins are available to purchase in the Valorant store. This page will be updated with prices as they becomce known. 

Valorant Elderflame Collection knife

Sakura Classic: 1275 VP

sakura collection stinger

Sakura Stinger: 1275 VP

sakura collection ares

Sakura Ares: 1275 VP

sakura collection sheriff

Sakura Sheriff: 1275 VP

sakura collection vandal

Sakura Vandal: 1275 VP

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