Valorant Radiant Crisis 001 Bat

valorant radiant crisis melee / bat

Radiant Crisis 001 Collection

Skin price:
3,550 VP

Release: Nov 2nd 2021

The new Valorant Radiant Crisis 001 melee or Bat was released on Nov 2nd 2021 and features a melee Bat, Classic, Bucky, Spectre and Phantom. The set is a tribute to the comic book style, with a 2D feel and a special unique unlockable VFX and finisher. The VFX produces a sound animation when you equip the weapon, and the finisher is an elaborate comic book style animation: you can see these here. The full set costs 7,100 VP, with the melee 3550 VP, and the guns 1775 VP.

radiant crisis 001 melee skin


radiant crisis 001 classic skin


radiant crisis 001 Bucky skin


radiant crisis 001 spectre skin


radiant crisis 001 phantom skin


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