– Reaver 2.0 set for release tomorrow
– Features Karambit melee, Ghost, Spectre, Phantom and Odin
– See HD images here.
– The full collection cost 7,100 VP, with the gun skins going for 1,775 VP and the Karambit 4,350 VP.

After a short break with the run it back bundle it’s time for new skins, and we have the second iteration of the Reaver skin set. As usual, this set features five skins in the classic Reaver style of gothic purple. The set features a Karambit melee weapon, a Ghost pistol, Spectre, Phantom and Odin.

The set is due for release tomorrow (Wed 10th Aug). Prices are yet to be released.

Reaver 2 Melee

Valorant xenohunter melee

Reaver 2 Ghost

Valorant xenohunter frenzy

Reaver 2 Spectre

Valorant xenohunter Bucky

Reaver 2 Phantom

Valorant xenohunter phantom

Reaver 2 Odin

Valorant xenohunter odin