Valorant Sarmad Vandal

valorant Sarmad vandal

Sarmad Collection

Skin Price:
1,275 VP

Release: July 13th 2022

The Valorant Sarmad Vandal is part of the Sarmad collection, a five skin set released on July 13th 2022. The set includes the a melee, Frenzy, Spectre, Phantom and Vandal. The skins have an elegant gold, jade and leather design, featuring precious stones. The melee weapon comes with one variant. 

The full set costs 5,100 VP, with the melee costing 2,550 VP and each individual gun skin 1,275 VP.

Valorant Xenohunter knife


Valorant Neptune shorty


Valorant Neptune guardian


Valorant Neptune spectre


Valorant Neptune spectre


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