Valorant Xenohunter Knife

Valorant Xenohunter knife

Xenohunter Collection

Skin price:
3,550 VP

Release: June 8th 2022

The Valorant Xenohunter melee knife is part of the Xenohunter Collection. This is a five skin bundle released on June 8th 2022 and includes melee knife, a Frenzy, Bucky, Phantom and Odin. Based on the Alien franchise, the weapon designs are straightforward and functional, but with a realistic, detailed and rugged finish. Each gun skin also comes with an unlockable side-panel that pops out with a  mini-map and location/heart-beat sensor – though this is purely aesthetic.

The full bundle costs 7,100 VP, with the knife costing 3550 VP and the individual guns for 1,775VP.

Valorant Xenohunter knife


Valorant Neptune shorty


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